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About Andy


I am a second generation acupuncturist: my father practised 5-element acupuncture during the 1980-90’s and I was brought up with acupuncture and Chinese medicine around me for most of his early years.

When it came to a change in career I first gravitated towards Tuina (Chinese massage) due to someone telling me that I had ‘healing hands’.  However I soon realised that what I was learning was very similar to acupuncture theory and with my background decided to do acupuncture as well.

After achieving a Higher National diploma in Chinese medicine from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and finishing the Tuina course in 2011, I decided to study at degree level and achieved an Acupuncture degree from the University of East London, attaining a First.   To consolidate my achievements I then went and studied for a diploma at Nanjing University, China.

During my studies I first came across the concept of multi beds at Kai Clinic, Kentish Town where I assisted for 5 years until it closed.  I enjoyed my time there and realised the benefits of such a practise.  People could see that they were not the only ones who were suffering and took solace in that.  After qualifying in Tuina I helped set up and run Phoenix Tuina Multibed Clinic in Old Street and also volunteered at Shoreditch Spa multi bed for over a year  I now integrate both Tuina and Acupuncture into my practise and am now resident at Amber Health in Baldock and Clerkenwellbeing in Clerkenwell. More information can be found on my website.

I am a member of BAcC and ACMAC.


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