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About Libby

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Libby came to Acupuncture as a second career. She spent nearly 30 years as a barrister working in child protection cases and mental health and then decided that she wanted something different!

She had always had an active interest in the ‘healing arts’; meditation and yoga and alternative medicine
and opted for a more singular and individual route to ‘make a difference’ in people’s lives though

She has loved the process of deepening her understanding of the traditions of Chinese Medicine and after graduating spent some time with Andrew Nugent-Head, an extremely well respected practitioner whose practice was rooted in the old fashioned apprentice system of learning. She favoured his approach that concentrated on observing the movement of Qi in patients and how it could be encouraged back to balance.

Libby also understood the importance of touch in her practice and trained with Sarah Pritchard in Tui Na.  Libby maintains a particular interest in mental health issues.

She is a member of BAcC and ACMAC.


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