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With all the Christmas fun and present buying, you may be forgetting to look after yourself in these cold months, and putting those aches and pains to the back of your mind….so I would love to invite you to come along on a Tuesday evening for a free consultation and treatment!


Please give me a call or text on 07962 609554 or drop me an email at if you’d like to book in over the next few weeks – I’d love to see you!

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We are now open for business!!

Last night was the opening evening of London Community Acupuncture Project at Hornsey Vale Community Centre, and what a lovely first eve it was!

I arrived with beds, screens and music, ready to transform the room into a clinic space, and with enough needles to treat a few hundred people…well, you never know do you?!  Luckily my lovely boyfriend was on hand to help me set up, and we had a small shuffle around with furniture positions until all was perfect and ready for action with a minute to go before the first patient arrived!

Over the next few hours, I treated four people, with wonderful feedback on how relaxed they felt during their treatment in the warm and peaceful room.  The  collective response was how great everyone felt to be able to afford a course of treatments due to the sliding scale.  Yey to multibeds!!

(The only negative feedback was the ticking clock brought to my attention by the first patient, which I rectified by removing the battery, so everyone else re-tuned during their sessions in peace!!)

Looking forward to next week!! xxx

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